The Olga Kern International Piano Competition is honored to have Rory Boyle compose music for the 2016 Piano Competition.

I met Rory Boyle in 2014 at the Scottish International Piano Competition, where his composition was performed as the required modern piece. He wrote this piece specifically for the competition.

It was such a wonderful piece, and I enjoyed it very much. He had very interesting ideas in the music and in the structure of the composition. It gave all contestants the freedom to play a little improvisation between the sections of the piece, and they could perform these parts in a different order. I found this fascinating, as every performance was so different and unique.

Rory Boyle is a brilliant Scottish composer. He is a professor at the Royal Conservatory of Scotland and has written many compositions for different instruments, including oboe, clarinet, flute, bassoon, piano, vocal and chamber compositions, as well as operas and more. Rory has also written music for several documentary films and worked with director Murray Grigor, composing the music for Ever to Excel and Beatus, the Spanish Apocalypse, which was premiered in New York in 2014.

Rory Boyle is a wonderful person, with a great sense of humor and big warm heart.

The 2016 Olga Kern International Piano Competition is honored to have its required modern piece written by this great composer.

Olga Kern


Rory Boyle

Rory Boyle is a Scottish composer and Lecturer in Composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Born in Ayr, Rory Boyle received his earliest musical education as a chorister at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor. He studied composition with Dr. Frank Spedding at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama as well as piano, clarinet, organ, and conducting.  His list of works, covering most genres from symphonies to incidental music for television, demonstrates considerable versatility, and has received commissions from many societies, festivals, and organizations.

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