2022 Competition

The Third Olga Kern International Piano Competition

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Virtual First Round / July 20–24, 2022

Competitors will perform a 45-minute prerecorded recital that will be streamed from July 20–24, 2022. At the end of the Virtual First Round, the Jury will deliberate and choose 8–10 competitors who will advance to the In-Person Second Round. The names of the competitors advanced to the In-Person Second Round will be announced via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Each round is available on and after scheduled day starting at 12 pm (EST).

About the Competition

Fostering excellence through competition.

The New Mexico Philharmonic and pianist Olga Kern join in collaboration to present the Olga Kern International Piano Competition (OKIPC) to provide a venue for young pianists to develop international careers. The final round of this impressive new contest will feature the Competition’s finalists in performance with the New Mexico Philharmonic. In addition to a cash prize, the winner will be awarded concert engagements throughout the US and Europe and a professional recording.

Piano Competition

Words from the Artistic Director &
President of the Jury

Stewarding young musicians in their path to success.

“Launching a successful performing career in the 21st century is a daunting task for most young, talented, aspiring musicians. I have been very fortunate to achieve my dreams of becoming a concert pianist, and my hope is that the Olga Kern International Piano Competition can now assist the next generation in its efforts to achieve their aspirations and dreams.  And to this end, I am thrilled to be working in tandem with the New Mexico Philharmonic on this new and exciting project.”

Olga Kern

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Being part of history is an amazing thing.

It gives a deeper purpose to our existence, and it makes us transcend time. Now, in New Mexico, there is a chance for you to join history by becoming a valued member of the Olga Kern International Piano Competition. It takes inspired people to make things happen, and you could be one of them. You can do this by joining the Competition family as a donor, volunteer, or audience member. It ash the distinction of being the first International Music Competition in New Mexico.


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To provide the venue for young pianists to develop international careers through a competition that is recognized globally for its value and excellence.


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Music is a magical way for our souls to elevate to a higher purpose and understanding.

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