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People, Partners, Sponsors & Grants

The Olga Kern International Piano Competition would like to thank the following for their support and in-kind donations of volunteer time, partnerships, expertise, services, products, and equipment.

Thank You for Your Generous Support

Expertise, services, and equipment.

City of Albuquerque
Mayor Tim Keller
Trudy Jones & the Albuquerque City Council
Dr. Shelle Sanchez & the Albuquerque Cultural Services Department

Businesses & Individuals
Belia Alvarez, Corporate Director of Community Relations, Heritage Hotels
Lee Blaugrund & Tanager Properties Management
Alexander Boggs, piano tuning
James Chavez, National Hispanic Cultural Center
Vivian Chiu, Steinway & Sons Co.
Alexis Corbin, New Mexico Philharmonic
Matt Hart, New Mexico Philharmonic
Matt Herman, 8VA Music Consultancy
Rick & Justin Holcomb, Justin Holcomb Pianos
Gregory Isaacs, Theatre Jones
Vladislav Kern
Jim Long, CEO, Heritage Hotels
Ron Losby, CEO, Steinway & Sons Co.
Suzie Lubar, Vice President of Real Estate and General Counsel, Heritage Hotels
Jackie McGehee, Music Guild of New Mexico
Laurent-Perrier Champagne, William Sheppard
Lori Newman, editing
Joan Olkowski, graphic design
Nancy Pressley-Naimark, New Mexico Philharmonic
Patricia Price, 8VA Music Consultancy
Chris Rancier, New Mexico Philharmonic
David Rivera, National Hispanic Cultural Center
Brent Stevens, KHFM
Dr. James Tryon, physician
Starline Printing Company
Fred Sturm, piano tuning
Tatiana Vetrinskaya, Director, New Mexico School of Music
Range Cafe
Da Vinci’s Pizza Cafe
Rudy’s Bar-B-Q
St. James Tearoom, Natalia Higbie

Host Families

We are very grateful to our host families for opening up their homes.

Joe & Sylvia Alcorn
Tina Andrews
Maureen & Stephen Baca
Patrick & Diane Barney
Graham Bartlett & Isabel Bucher
Paula Baxter & Dr. Bill Anderson
Ron Bronitsky
Lloyd Colson
Mary Conrad & Bill Wallace
Tom Domme
Roland Gerencer
Monika Ghattas
Bob & Jean Gough
Mike & Blanche Griffin
Mary Hermmann Hughes
Helene Kiecolt & Tony Wahl
Emily Koplik
Susan McGuire
Ron Moya
Barb Reeback & Del Packwood
Edward Rose
Steve & Michele Sandager
Thoms Seamon
Valari Taylor
Tatiana Vetrinskaya


Bill Alpert
Mike Beerman
Dianne Cress
Helen Feinberg
Robert Gough
Elene Gusch
Janet Heindel
Lance Hurt
Lisa Jackson
Doug LeGrand
Christina LeGrand
John Matter
Anne McKinney
Pam Melton
Edward Naimark
Geri Newton
Gloria Olson
Greg Olson
Linda Pasternacki
Christine Polansky
Nancy Pressley-Naimark
Billie Pyzel
Jan Strand
Julie Tierney
Diane Werner
Bronwyn Willis


Benefactor Level

Combined Donation of $50,000-$100,000 between 2017-2019

Lee Blaugrund
City of Albuquerque
Michael & Noemi Neidorff

Laurel Level

DONATION OF $25,000–$49,999


Olga’s Circle

DONATION OF $10,000-$24,999

Roland Gerencer

Platinum Level

DONATION OF $5,000-$9,999

Mark & Margaret Carson
Keiko & Steven Kaplan, in honor of Olga Kern
Craig L. Kelly
Doris & Charles Michaels Foundation
Constantine Orbelian
Dorothy Shuford
Dr. Dean Yannias

Gold Level

DONATION OF $2,500–$4,999

Robert J. & Greta Dean
Cynthia Phillips & Thomas Martin
James Wood

Silver Level

DONATION OF $1,000-$2,499

Maureen & Stephen Baca
David & Mary Colton
Susan Conradi
Carol Lee Klose & Carolyn A. Seale Trust for Women in the Arts, in honor of Olga Kern
Richard & Myra Lynch
Robert Milne & Ann DeHart
Scott Obenshain
Robert T. & Bonnie Paine
Sheila Peloso
Marian & Jennifer Tanau

Bronze Level

DONATION OF $500-$999

Cliff & Nancy Blaugrund
Bruckner Family
David & Mary Colton
Daniel & Brigid Conklin
Doug & Kristie Doll
Eugenia & Charles Eberle
Stanley Fitch
Eiichi Fukushima
David & Tanner Gay
Jean & Bob Gough
Grund Family
Harris L. Hartz
Henry & Judith Lackner
Mr. & Mrs. Robert McGuire
James O’Niell
Dr. & Mrs. Matt Poage
John Provine
Barbara Reeback
Joan Robins & Denise Wheeler
John & Kris Stichman
Jane & Scott Wilkinson
Libor Zach

Friends of the Competition Level

DONATION OF $10-$499

Jo Anne Altrichter & Robin Tawney
Allen & Ruth Archambault
Mary Archibold
Veronika Arkhangel
Janet Arrott
Art of Russia Gallery, Dianna Lennon
Edie Beck
Hugh & Margaret Bell
Tibor Benes
David & Judith Bennehum
Joe Bentley
Jerome & Susan Bernstein
Genelia Boenig
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brackett
Alan Brody
Ron Bronitsky
Carolyn Rose Brown
Igor Brukner
Michael Bustamante
Bill Byers
Thomas Cagle
Carolyn Callaway
Camille Carstens
Linda Chavez
Elaine Chew
Jane & Kenneth Cole
Martha Cook
Ralph Cover
Ann R. Cummins
Henry Daise III
Winnie Devore
John & Helene Dickel
Thomas & Martha Domme
Carl & Joanne Donsbach
Philip Dreike
Leonard & Patricia Duda
Robert Engstrom
Ellen Evans
Joseph & Aurora Fidel
Elizabeth Forbes
Terrill Fox
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Fricke
Howard & Debra Friedman
Keith Gilbert
Sam & Mary Goldman
Lorraine B. Gordon
Pamela Gordon
Justin M. & Blanche G. Griffin
Robert Grund
Lauro Guaderrama
Elene Gusch
Vern & Vicki Hagen
Ron & Nancy Halbgewachs
Stephen Hamm
Lukas Hanak
Gwenellen Janov
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Karavas
Joyce S. Kaser
Thomas & Greta Keleher
Robert & Toni Kingsley
Gerald Kiuttu
Frances Salman Koenig
Ron Lahti
Thomas Leahy
Marc Limmany
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Livner
Joel Lorimer
Carol N. Lovato
Richard & Myra Lynch
David & Barbora Machac
Martin Machac
Joe & Anna Marshall
Tyler M. Mason
Donna McRae Voice Studio
Trish Meyer
Claudia Moraga
Claude Morelli
Letitia Morris
Shirley Morrison & Cornelis Klein
Edward & Nancy Naimark
Dick & Sharon Neuman
New Mexico School of Music, Tatiana Vetrinskaya
David & Marilyn Novat
Jan & Klara Odenhal
Rebecca Okun
Igor Penka
Miroslav Penka
Carol Raymond
Ray Reeder
Diane Reuler
Judith Reynolds
Stephen Ridlon
Thomas Roberts & Leah Albers
Jacquelyn Robins
Zack Rodehaver
John B. Rogers
Edward Rose
Kenneth Ross
Stephen & Kim Saxe
Howard & Marian Schreyer
Cy Shuster Piano Services
R.J. Simonson
Robert & Katherine Simonson
Rae Lee Siporin
Terri Sloan
Martin Stepan
Al Stotts
Robin Tawney
Mary Ann Thompson
John Tischhauser
Laurence B. Titman
Folkert Vandergaast
Jay Van Eman
Jeffrey West
Kay West
Joseph & Merida Wexler
Robert & Trudy White
Roland & Wendy Wiele
Janislee Wiese
Dr. Helmut Wolf
Barry Woods
Don & Dot Wortman
Ken Wright
Pat Zich
Olga Zoria

Updated October 21, 2019

Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons is the official piano of the Olga Kern International Piano Competition.

Steinway is dedicated to making the finest pianos in the world. Founded in 1853 by Henry Engelhard Steinway in a Manhattan loft, Henry and his sons developed the modern piano. They built their pianos one at a time, applying skills that were handed down from master to apprentice, generation after generation. The result is instruments renowned for their unsurpassed quality. Pianos with such superior sound and responsive touch that they enchant the most demanding pianists.

About Steinway & Sons


Master to apprentice, generation after generation, every Steinway is built with experience decades in the making — by artisans who take pride and time to humanize a piano still made by hand, who strive for and achieve continuous innovation and improvement. Every Steinway & Sons grand and upright is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and a consummate work of art. Each Steinway, consisting of more than 12,000 individual parts, has its own musical character and is as unique as the individual who plays it.

Pure artistic expression has the power to touch, move and transform, and the Steinway exists to remove all barriers between the listener and the pure, uncompromised expression of the artist.


The very first Steinway & Sons patent was granted in 1857, and since that time the company has been granted more than 125 additional patents, positioning the Steinway as the piano by which all others are judged.


Steinway & Sons was founded in 1853 by German immigrant Henry Engelhard Steinway in a Manhattan loft on Varick Street. Over the next thirty years, Henry and his sons developed the modern piano. They built their instruments one at a time, applying skills that have been handed down from master to apprentice, generation after generation, ever since. The Steinway became the choice for ninety-eight percent of concertizing artists, none of whom are compensated to endorse the instrument. The Steinway earned a reputation as an investment for the owner in the legacy of future generations.


To call a genuine grand or upright of Steinway & Sons one’s own is an overwhelming feeling. Far more than just an exquisite instrument, it is an instrument of the highest expression and creativity. A Steinway intimately connects artist and listener, and invites its owner to join a tradition of musical perfection, making it an invaluable investment.

More Information:

“‘Incredible, what this piano can do! To sit and hear myself — without playing. The contrast is amazing; it’s a real performance.”

Alink-Argerich Foundation

Olga Kern International Piano Competition is a member of the Alink-Argerich Foundation.

Alink-Argerich Foundation (AAF) offers the most complete details on music competitions ever compiled. The AAF shares information, assistance and advice to musicians and competition organizers. The Foundation maintains a unique collection of competition related materials such as application brochures with the rules and conditions of music competitions and competition program books. It is in this respect that AAF tries to make a difference, to help and assist, by offering clear and useful information.

More Information:

Alink-Argerich Foundation

City of Albuquerque

The City of Albuquerque is a partner with the Olga Kern International Piano Competition. 

The City of Albuquerque’s Cultural Services Department is one of the most innovative and creative in the country.  Albuquerque deeply values the arts and through its leadership, fosters creativity over a wide range of programs and events throughout the cultural arena.  Among the initiatives started by the city is the Public Art Urban Enhancement Program.  One of the oldest programs in the country, it aspires to “enhance our community through exceptional public art by embracing a transparent process that reflects the diversity and interests of Albuquerque.”  In addition, Albuquerque promotes inspiring programs for children that are present in prestigious venues such as: the Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum, Albuquerque’s premier air and space museum; the iconic KiMo Theatre, offering a unique venue for quality entertainment in downtown Albuquerque; the South Broadway Cultural Center, touted as “an architectural and artistic jewel,” it features a theater, art gallery, and library; and Explora, Albuquerque’s most interactive children’s museum.  The city also supports the wonderful Youth Concerts by the New Mexico Philharmonic that are performed each year for thousands of 4th and 5th graders at Popejoy Hall.

We are honored to have the City of Albuquerque offer their support in partnership with the Olga Kern International Piano Competition to bring Albuquerque and New Mexico the first ever international music competition.


More Information:

Heritage Hotels & Resorts

Heritage Hotels & Resorts is a partner with the Olga Kern International Piano Competition. 

“Heritage Hotels & Resorts, Inc. offers guests an authentic Southwestern experience in New Mexico’s best tourist destinations. Each of our hotels and resorts in New Mexico celebrates the rich, multi-cultural heritage of the Southwestern United States, drawing from our unique blend of Native American, Mexican, Spanish and American Western cultural and historical influences.”

More Information:

New Mexico Philharmonic

The New Mexico Philharmonic is a partner with Olga Kern International Piano Competition. 

The New Mexico Philharmonic enriches the lives of New Mexicans through musical excellence, educational opportunities, and community engagement. Their values include excellence in all practices, responsibility in all actions, and service to their communities—centered around both musicians and patrons.

More Information:

Read Key Notes Article

New Mexico Philharmonic

95.5 KHFM

KHFM broadcasts Classical Music to Central and Northern New Mexico 24 hour a day.

Clasical 95.5 KHFM is the only 24-hour Classical Station for Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and portions of northern and north central New Mexico. Local programming 24 hours a day. The station also broadcast The Metropolitan Opera Saturdays December-May and the WFMT Opera May-December. On the radio: 95.5 KHFM.

More Information:

Aspiration Foundation

The Kern Foundation “Aspiration”

The Charitable Foundation Aspiration plans to help young and talented musicians by organizing master-classes, concerts, tours and exhibitions as well as assisting them in participating in Russian and International competitions and festivals.

More Information:

Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation

The Spivakov Foundation was founded in May 1994 as a non-commercial organization. The principal goals of the Spivakov Foundation’s activities are: to assist young people gifted in music and arts in the development of their talents and in the organization of their creative process in Russia and abroad; to preserve and develop cultural values and traditions and to provide comprehensive charity support.

The Foundation helps young talented musicians, dancers, painters and authors, organizing for them master classes, concerts, tours and exhibitions. Pupils of the foundation participate in national and international competitions and festivals.

More Information: