Kyohei Imaizumi

Kyohei Imaizumi was born in Fukuoka, Japan, in 1992 to a family of musicians and received his first piano lessons at the age of 10.  He was the winner of many national competitions in Japan.

In 2011, he was awarded 3rd prize at the 2nd Slobozhanska Fantasy International Competition for Young Pianists in Ukraine. In 2013, he was awarded the 2nd prize at the 14th Maria Yudina International Piano Competition in Russia, and the “Audience Award” at the 58th West Japan International Piano Competition in Japan. In 2015, he was awarded 2nd prize and the “Virtuoso Award” at the Way to Mastery International Piano Competition in Russia. In 2016, he was awarded the grand prix at The Classical Academy International Competition in Russia, the 1st prize and the “Piano Asia Prize” at the 1st Lazar Berman International Piano Competition in Italy, and awarded the 1st prize and the “Virtuoso Award” in the 8th Romanticism International Competition in Russia.

He graduated from the Suzuki Method and the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory.  He is currently studying postgraduate courses at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, where he achieved a top score in the entrance examination.

He has performed with the Suzuki Method Orchestra conducted by Masahiro Izaki, with the Cantus Firmus Orchestra conducted by Alexander Furgin, with the Luhansk Academic Symphony Orchestra conducted by Alexander Shurov, and with the Gnesin Chamber Orchestra conducted by Andrey Rein. He has performed many concerts in Japan, Russia, Ukraine, and Spain.

He has studied with Ms. Kyoko Nakajima, Ms. Yasue Tanaka, Mr. Masaya Tanaka, and is now studying with Professor Vladimir Ovchinnikov.