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2022 Third Olga Kern International Piano Competition

In-Person Second Round

October 23–October 25, 2022

The contestants perform a 60-minute recital before an audience in Albuquerque. Recitals are recorded on video and livestreamed on the Competition website.

Performance order is based on the drawing that takes place on October 23, 2022. The contestant who draws “Number 1” will perform their solo recital first, followed by the contestant who draws “Number 2,” and so on. This order will be maintained throughout the Semifinal Round. Pianists in this round can choose their performance piano from the two official pianos provided by Steinway & Sons, the Competition sponsor. Each pianist is allotted 20 minutes to perform on the two pianos and make their choice. This process will take place on Monday, October 24, time to be determined. The choice of piano will be carried over to the Semifinal Round. All piano choices are final. No changes are allowed.

At the end of the In-Person Second Round on Tuesday, October 25, the Jury will deliberate and choose 6 contestants to advance to the Semifinal Round. The names of the contestants advanced to the Semifinal Round will be announced the same evening at the venue as well as via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

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