Zhiye Lin

Zhiye Lin

Hailed by the Boston Musical Intelligencer as a pianist who “breezed through the most technically difficult bits with impressive panache,” Zhiye Lin is classical pianist who is increasingly being heard in important concert halls.

He has performed in many major concert halls in the world, including The Kennedy Center, Ningbo Concert Hall, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall, and Shanghai Oriental Art Center. He was the laureate of piano competitions in Tokyo, Spain, West Virginia, New York, and Singapore. He also appeared as soloist with Mercury Orchestra and the West Virginia University Symphony Orchestra, under the batons of Channing Yu and Mitchell Arnold.

Although his father was an audiophile, Zhiye was the first musician in his family. He was attracted to music when he attended a concert for the first time, and his passion for music from that time drove him to the present day. After a few years of studying, he moved to Shanghai, which is 700 miles from his hometown in the southern part of China, to further study music. Zhiye enrolled in the prestigious Music Middle School affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music. 

Known for his performance of solo masterworks, he also actively engages with chamber music. The Dawn Trio, which he founded in 2010, was awarded Second Prize at the Chamber Music Competition of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Since then, he and his groups had been coached by well-known musicians, including Joseph Lin, Jerome Lowenthal, Peter Salaff, and Joel Smirnoff.

Committed to community engagement, he offers music to bring people joy, performing recently for senior citizens in the Hope Lodge, Judson Manor, and Judson Park.

Zhiye also interested in historical-music performance. He joined the Baroque Youth Orchestra of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music as a basso-continuo player and gave performances in He Luding Hall and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall.

He serves on the faculty at Musart Music School on Long Island. His students have been accepted into prestigious programs such as the Precollege Division at Manhattan School of Music. 

Born in China, Zhiye Lin has a great passion for Chinese traditional culture, including poetry, painting, and calligraphy. Also, he is fascinated with traditional Chinese cooking, especially his hometown-style cuisine. Even though he has tried his best to reproduce Teochew cuisine in his own kitchen, he still missed his grandma’s cooking during his studies in the U.S.

He earned his Bachelor of Music at the Cleveland Institute of Music and his Master of Music at The Juilliard School under the tutelage of Hae-Sun Paik and Hung-Kuan Chen. Currently, he is completing the Artist Diploma at the Peabody Institute under Richard Goode’s guidance. 

Virtual First Round

J.S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II, No. 16 in g minor, BWV 885

Chopin: Étude in g-sharp minor, Op. 25, No. 6

Rachmaninoff: Étude-Tableau in c minor, Op. 39, No. 1

Beethoven: Sonata No. 28 in A Major, Op. 101

I. Etwas lebhaft, und mit der innigsten Empfindung

(Somewhat lively, and with innermost sensibility)

II. Lebhaft, marschmäßig (Lively, march-like)

III. Langsam und sehnsuchtsvoll (Slow and longingly)

IV. Geschwind, doch nicht zu sehr, und mit Entschlossenheit

(Swiftly, but not overly, and with determination)

Rachmaninoff: Prelude No. 5 in G Major, Op. 32

In-Person Second Round

Haydn: Sonata in b minor, Hob. XVI:32

I. Allegro moderato

II. Menuet

III. Finale. Presto

Chopin: 24 Preludes, Op. 28

I. C Major, Agitato

II. a minor, Lento

III. G Major, Vivace

IV. e minor, Largo

V. D Major, Molto allegro

VI. b minor, Lento assai

VII. A Major, Andantino

VIII. f-sharp minor, Molto agitato

IX. E Major, Largo

X. c-sharp minor, Molto allegro

XI. B Major, Vivace

XII. g-sharp minor, Presto

XIII. F-sharp Major, Lento

XIV. e-flat minor, Allegro

XV. D-flat Major, Sostenuto

XVI. b-flat minor, Presto con fuoco

XVII. A-flat Major, Allegretto

XVIII. f minor, Molto allegro

XIX. E-flat Major, Vivace

XX. c minor, Largo

XXI. B-flat Major, Cantabile

XXII. g minor, Molto agitato

XXIII. F Major, Moderato

XXIV. d minor, Allegro appassionato

Carl Vine: Resolve

Godowsky: “Die Fledermaus” from Symphonische Metamorphosen Johann Strauss’scher Themen

Semifinal Round – Chamber Music

Brahms: Violin Sonata No. 3 in d minor, Op. 108

I. Allegro

II. Adagio

III. Un poco presto e con sentimento

IV. Presto agitato

Final Round

Prokofiev: Concerto No. 2 in g minor, Op. 16

I. Andantino—Allegretto

II. Scherzo: Vivace

III. Intermezzo: Allegro moderato

IV. Finale: Allegro tempestoso

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